What some of our wonderful students had to say about their experience with 2628…

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“If you are interested in learning how to sing or want to improve your singing at a totally affordable rate, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO TO. I’ve loved singing for most of my life and even tried taking lessons with two different coaches (both quite expensive) in the past, but it wasn’t until I began taking voice lessons at Studio 2628 that I noticed significant improvement. Of course, you have to do your part by practicing the way you are instructed to do so, but as long as you keep up with it you will begin to hear and feel a difference. Back in the day, I played some shows with a little band. I remember struggling to reach (at the time) high notes, and I would painfully barely reach them. No matter how much I practiced, I would just end up remaining frustrated with myself. The worst part was, the more I practiced my voice would end up cracking and it hurt.

Once Ashton taught the correct way to sing and practicing his techniques, I am now able to reach notes MUCH higher than before without pain, and I can go on singing for a long time. Actually, singing longer is much more beneficial now, as it improves my tone AND IT DOESN’T HURT. Another great thing about taking lessons with Ashton is that my singing has become much more versatile. Before I had limited myself to solely rock (which I still love). Thanks to the proper technique I’ve now learned, I can sing songs of other genres which makes this art a lot more fun as you can play around with other styles.

I have been taking lessons here for almost 3 years, and I will continue to do so until I can’t anymore (hopefully that doesn’t happen). Even after learning the basics of the technique Ashton teaches, there’s still so much more room to grow. He will kindly and patiently push you towards your singing goals.”


Maasa Kono




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“I really love Studio 2628! I have learned so much & the music we sing & perform is always enjoyable! I Hope I will be able to release a CD soon. I’m proud of how far I have come from all the things Ashton has taught me, I have more confidence in performing and recording now.”






“Hello, my name is Selina Avila and I am sixteen years of age. I first began my singing lessons with Ashton when i was fifteen years old. I performed at my high school’s talent show when I realized how strong my passion for singing really was. When I first arrived at Studio 2628 I was so excited to learn the proper ways to train my voice. As soon as I began I knew that I was in the right hands for improvement. It was not easy at first but in just two months my voice has dramatically changed. Now I can sing high and low notes without any strain or pains, and have confidence in myself to sing again in front of an even larger audience then before. I enjoy my lessons at Studio 2628 and I will continue to attend. THANK YOU ASHTON.”

Singer/Song Writer

Selina Avila




“As a client of Studio 2628 I have been introduced to the fundamentals of singing at a beginner’s skill level.  The individualized instruction I have acquired has been instrumental in the development and overall improvement of my vocal ability.  A practical approach to proper vocal technique and personalized teaching methods in a conducive environment are among the reasons Studio 2628 has undoubtedly exceeded my expectations.  The workmanship of Studio 2628 marks a level of knowledge, expertise and professionalism consistent with the merits of a goal-oriented and success driven operation.  I readily and highly recommend Studio 2628 as a reputable source for any individual interested in the prospect of singing as a professional pursuit or simply an elective craft.”


Shelley Greenwood




“Thanks to Ashton, for the first time, I am getting to know my voice and what it’s capable of doing.  His professionalism and patience is bar none.  Ashton carefully attends to the needs of each individual’s voice.  In just 3 months, there has been a marked improvement in my voice and the compliments of others are my confirmation.”


Leslie Thurston




“Starting off my career as a musician I had trouble maintaining my voice after performing live concerts. Ever since i started taking lessons with Studio 2628 my voice has been better than ever. My voice has also developed greatly over the past few months due to Ashton’s methods of teaching! There are no limitations of being a great musician or singer, you can always take it a step further. Taking lessons with Studio 2628 has taught me the importance of good singing technique and it will allow me to move forward in my music career in many aspect”


Christian Jimenez




“My vocal coach Ashton is THE MAN. I lucked out finding one of his business cards in a karaoke store! Yes, a karaoke store that my friend took me to randomly. It’s been the best investment I’ve ever had!  He’s affordable, knowledgeable, BEYOND BRILLIANTLY TALENTED, professional and sings like an absolute ANGEL. I would never say that normally about a guy who can sing but he’s living proof of that technique he teaches and I can’t imagine taking lessons anywhere else!”

Singer/Screen Writer/Song Writer

kristin Lucchesi




“Coming from having a small personal goal of learning how to sing and record to making tremendous progress beyond my imagination on my vocal training and abilities and working on a full album I couldn’t be anymore pleased working with Studio 2628. They care for my progress as an artist and want me to continue working on my next goals for my musical career. The lessons are affordable and the producer is patient and cares, really takes time to make sure students understand logistics of music and singing. GO STUDIO 2628!!”






“I have had an amazing experience with studio 2628. Over the past few months I have come a long way with my voice from when I first started. Before my time at studio 2628 I could barely hit a note. Now after a few short months my range and pitch have greatly improved. I would recommend studio 2628 to anyone who really wants to improve their voice and learn to sing at a price that is reasonable for everyone.”


Donovan Vasta