Private Singing Lessons

Singing is an art and we believe art is a gift that needs the right technique behind it so it can reach its full potential and beauty. Here at studio 2628 we use a technique that has worked with 100% of our students, we show you the way and make sure the results are evident. A vocal technique that works for everyone and has been proven to be a powerful tool for singers who are seeking to develop the vocal chords. Benefits from vocal training include increased vitality and physical well-being due to the exercise of the voice, increase range and agility, more confidence and self reliance, a development in power and quality as a singer. Aside from the benefits of the technique itself, as a singer you will experience an increase in self confidence, motivation, drive and great accomplishment!

In your Singing Lessons you will;

  •  Learn how to use and apply correct breathing to your singing
  • Be able to expand your range with ease and proper support
  • Learn to develop pure tone, elasticity of voice and gain complete control
  • Avoid any strain yet gaining power in voice with 100% control and ease
  • Study the principles of vowels and consonants
  • Be taught all the essential skills of performing and stage presentation including the microphone technique.
  • Experience the process of professional recording
  • Most of all HAVE FUN and LEARN the beauty of great singing.


We don’t believe in overcharging for having a talent and wanting to develop it. Our prices are very competitive & the lessons are private one on one so you get the best personalized attention to your needs & skills.

Prices below cover a package of 4 Classes.

  • 30 minutes ($130/Four Classes)
  • 45 minutes ($195/Four Classes)
  • 1 Hour ($260/Four Classes)

If you are not interested in vocal lessons and would like to book for a recording session, the sessions are booked on an hourly basis.

  • Recording sessions (per hour) – $80