Welcome to Studio 2628! If you are a beginner, a professional singer or anything in between and you want to develop your talent then please read on because we can help! We offer many exciting services, including singing lessons for beginners to advance, performance skills, recording, music production and songwriting.

Studio 2628 has grown dramatically since we started in 2006. We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for letting us develop your talents and being a part of your musical career. So many students are signing up, and the great part is they stay with Studio 2628 because they simply enjoy the lessons and experience great results beyond their expectations. Come and see how a friendly environment can help you intensify your creativity and develop your talent.

Since 2006 we have been developing individuals into singers and singers into artists, now our company is doing much more than that. We offer more services to accommodate talented artists who are serious about the music industry. We try to make everything easy for the artist, from singing lessons, song production, performance skills and artist image to song writing and personal portfolios. This is a one-stop studio to develop you into a superstar! With over 15 years of vocal training and music production experience, we know the expectations of the music industry. Today the industry standard is high so we make sure you achieve results and meet your goals.