Daily Archives: March 24, 2014

Anti Bullying Musical Project – Mean Little Bully

We are passionate here at Studio 2628 to make a positive difference on anyone who needs it. Bullying is a serious problem that occurs daily here in the US & all around the world.

We wanted to send a message, an empowering positive message that would truly help anyone who has or is being bullied. So “Mean Little Bully” was born, a song that was written to help & encourage people who have gone through the stressful experience of bullying. Our students were on board right away, everyone contributed and performed the song so gracefully. Months later, we recorded the song, released it on iTunes Worldwide & even made a music video for it!

We have been receiving so much great positive feedback, people have reached out and expressed how much the song has helped them through the tough times.

To Download the song on iTunes click on –  Download Mean Little Bully


Check out the video Here






Vocal Warm Ups

Vocal warm ups when done correctly is an important step towards developing the vocal chords and achieving results beyond expectation.

Vocal exercises not only warm up the voice making it more responsive but it plays a great deal in the development process.

The vocal chords need proper training and care in order for them to develop and grow. Some of the benefits achieved from vocal warm ups include; proper breath support, control, vocal agility/elasticity, range increase, power, tonal quality, singing with ease, no strain and much more. It is recommended that singers do vocal exercises at least 30 minutes daily, this will be a great start and you will notice results in your voice with in the first few weeks!