Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I have to come to voice lessons?
Once you sign up with Studio 2628, it is suggested to come to the class once a week, but if you choose to take more vocal lessons per week, we can definitely accommodate that request.

I’ve been told that I’m tone deaf and cannot sing, is there hope for me?
Absolutely! We don’t believe in the term “tone deaf” as we have taught many students who started off with not being able to hit ONE single note on pitch. With practice & understanding the singing technique, they are all able to sing a full song in as little as a few months!

Are the singing lessons done in a group or private?
The singing lessons are taught privately one on one in a very comfortable environment because each voice needs a special type of attention and care in order for you to understand and develop your vocal chords in the best and most effective way.

What do you charge for each vocal class?
Our lesson options and prices are all listed in the link below;
Click here for Prices & Options.

How long will it take before I notice a difference in my singing voice?
There is no straight forward way to answer this question. As each person is slightly different. Think about it this way – if you go to the gym with a goal to gain muscle, lose weight or simply become fitter, does it happen over night? The answer is obviously no. It takes time –Ā  Same goes with the vocal chords, they are part of the human body and they have muscle memory so they certainly need time and constant vocal exercises to develop and respond better. When our vocal chords are given the optimum chance to develop, they are quiet remarkable at adapting to the change fast with focus and practice.

You will definitely notice a difference in pitch & tone in the first few weeks (with practice). Followed by control, increasing range, power & elasticity as the weeks go on.

Where are you located?
We are located in Mission Hills in the San Fernando Valley, Ca. We are conveniently close to all the surrounding areas – Granada Hills, North Hills, Northridge, Arleta, Sylmar, Panorama City, Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Studio city, Reseda, Winnetka, Canoga Park, West Hills, Chatsworth, and Woodland Hills.

Although, we must brag on about how we have students who travel all the way from Downtown Los Angeles, Valencia, Downy, Riverside & even San Diego!
We must be doing something right šŸ˜‰

What type of benefits do I gain from voice lessons?
Lets get straight to the point –

You will;
1. Learn and understand the correct use & application of breathing to your singing.
2. Expand your range with proper support.
3. Develop a pure, rich tone.
4. Learn how to eliminate strain, tension & vocal abuse.
5. Gain power with 100% control & ease.
6. Voice becomes elastic & responsive with color and richness.
7. Learn the principles of vowels & consonants.
8. Obtain the essential skills for performing on stage.
9. Become a pro at Microphone technique (stage & recording)
10. Learn how to record songs with the proper singing technique & emotional delivery.
11. HAVE FUN while Learning the beauty of great singing.

How come you charge so little comparing to other Singing Studios?
Well, we don’t believe in overcharging for music education. Also, we teach from a home studio therefore eliminating extra costs such as location rent, equipment rent etc. so that way you get the BEST rate available. Win win situation!

Do you offer recording & producing music?
YES! This is something extra we offer that many other studios don’t. Many of our clients have come to us and keep coming back because we produce and write professional music. We specialize in Pop, Hip Hop, Urban, Dance, House, Trance, rock and acoustic.
Music production is a huge factor when presenting your songs to people within the music industry. Record companies want to hear the finished product and want it professional. So studio 2628 has come up with a way to help talented artists and singers to achieve this at competitive prices.
We use professional industry standard tools to record your music, and the quality is superb!

How do vocal warm ups help my singing voice?
Vocal warm ups when done correctly is an important step towards developing the vocal chords and achieving results beyond expectation.
Vocal exercises not only warm up the voice by making it more responsive but it plays a great deal in the development process. The vocal chords need proper training and care in order for them to develop and grow.
Some of the benefits achieved from vocal warm ups include; proper breath support, control, vocal agility/elasticity, range increase, power, tonal quality, singing with ease, no stain and much more. It is recommended that singers do vocal exercises at least 30 minutes daily, this will be a great start and you will notice results in your voice with in the first few weeks!

Why is breathing so important to good singing?
Breathing is the most vital part of good singing, it is not an easy thing to achieve but with time and practice anyone can master theĀ fundamentals of correct breathing.
WhenĀ applied correctly it can have an enormous positive effect on your voice. The proper way of breathing consists of the descent of the diaphragm, which is clearly evident by an expansion of the lower ribs and upper abdominal muscles, keeping in mind that the lungs expand in all directions. This is usually described as “diaphragmatic breathing”.
Remember that practice makes perfect, whether you are a student or a professional singer you should never neglect the regular daily practice of breathing exercises.

When practicing breathing, the individual must stand upright with the chest and shoulders relaxed, placing one hand just below where the ribs divide. Inhale gently, you should feel a slight expansion where the hand is placed, you should retain this action for a second or two then exhale slowly. Repeat this until you feel that the diaphragm is moving steadily without the lifting of the upper ribs, chest or shoulders.